Age Verification Solutions

AML Luxembourg is committed to providing innovative age-verification solutions to reinforce identity verification and anti-money laundering initiatives. Our advanced age verification system, paired with powerful age verification software, enables businesses to confirm the age of their customers effortlessly. Leveraging our reliable age verification API, seamless integration into your current systems becomes a reality. Safeguard your operations with our trusted age verification providers.

Banking and Finance

AML compliance is crucial for safeguarding against financial crimes and fraud.


Leading AML and KYC solutions for cryptocurrency businesses in Luxembourg and beyond.


Fintech industry benefits from anti-money laundering partnerships.


Healthcare entities in Luxembourg benefit from AML and KYC consulting and solutions.


Implementing AML & KYC solutions ensures secure onboarding for policyholders.

Online Gaming

Luxembourg's AML & KYC regulations require online gaming operators to partner with reliable providers.


AML-Compliant Age Verification in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, our age verification software API offers real-time age verification solutions to businesses, ensuring compliance with age-related regulations. Our cutting-edge age verification system allows businesses to streamline their verification process, eliminating manual efforts and reducing bottlenecks. By verifying customers' ages in real-time, businesses can minimise legal risks and ensure that users meet the required age criteria.

Industries that engage in transactions that are subject to age-related regulations have a legal obligation to authenticate the ages of their customers. This responsibility is particularly crucial in the digital space, where access to mature content and services requires stringent protective measures. AML Luxembourg offers a comprehensive range of identity verification solutions that have been carefully crafted to meet the age validation requirements of businesses operating in various sectors such as alcohol, cannabis, tobacco, gaming, and lotteries.


Guaranteeing Age Verification Compliance with Innovative Solutions

In Luxembourg's digital landscape, businesses must implement robust age verification practices to meet regulatory requirements and protect their users. As online transactions and age-restricted content grow, reliable age-verification solutions have become paramount.

Our Age Verification System offers tailor-made solutions designed for businesses in Luxembourg. With a user-friendly interface and swift verification process, customers can effortlessly access age-restricted content or services. Stay ahead of regulatory obligations and safeguard your business with our cutting-edge age verification solutions and API.


Achieving Age Compliance with Advanced Age Verification Solutions

In Luxembourg, age verification is crucial for businesses dealing with age-restricted content or services. Our age verification system and solutions offer a streamlined approach to verify users' age efficiently and accurately. By integrating our age verification API into your platforms, real-time age verification becomes effortless, eliminating manual processes and providing instant age confirmation for your users.

As a trusted age verification provider, we bring expertise to enhance your compliance efforts, mitigate legal risks, and create a safe user environment in Luxembourg. By partnering with us, businesses in Luxembourg can establish a secure environment and ensure compliance with age-related regulations, fostering trust and confidence among their user base.

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